New LilaRose Album - Christianity

Posted on 1 april, 2016 by Jacob Moth

I am proud to announce that LilaRose have released a new album - Christianity. The album consist of one track - 1 hour and 19 minutes long. The music on this album is very smooth, soft, melodic, gentle and nice. Very useful for various purposes: meditation, relaxation, journeys in consciousness, work, study, erotic, and more.
The album “Christianity is inspired of - Christianity” - the religion which has influenced our western culture in many ways.
As we just has passed easter and entering spring, we are experiencing the refreshing and renewing energy of a new start, a new beginning, a rebirth - so it makes sense to release this album now.
The album is actually a single from our forthcoming album LilaRose Odyssey Part Nine - Mandala, which is one of the 11 albums in our Cosmology. Each track on this album is dedicated to each of the six major world religions, shamanism, atheism and agnosticism. There are many ways to the Source and no matter what we believe or not believe we are brothers and sisters sharing and living on the same planet. The LilaRose Odyssey is part of a multidimensional concept which manifest the emerging...

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New cycle of LilaRose Odyssey adventure

Dear friends

We are now entering a new cycle of our LilaRose Odyssey adventure. We are artists with a very clear vision of what we have to express and manifest, and we have continuously been working on it since 2000.
Our task is not an easy one. But it is very exciting. Our “mission” as we experience it, is to make music and art which invites you to connect with and explore the mythic, archetypal and spiritual dimensions. Dimensions hidden deep inside the psyche. Dimensions which also are penetrating the consensus world through synchronicities. We want to inspire you to explore your dreams, fantasies and visions and help you to gain access to that immense guidance there is in having attention on the inner world. Guidance which - if you follow your call to your adventure - leads you to a very exciting and meaningful life.

To do this we “walk the path”, as Buddha would say. We believe so much in our dreams and visions that we have in a miraculous way created a place, called The Magic Garden in Fredensborg, where our music and art can unfold....

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Crowd funding campaign for a sci-fi thriller movie

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Review by Jon Bruel of the book “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly”.

Dear Friend,
Here follows a review by Jon Bruel of the book “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly”.
Happy reading!

Land of the Nocturnal Buttefly by Jacob Moth
Jacob Moth has created an exciting autobiography of the self-development of a psychonaut’s use of psychedelics. The form of the autobiography alternates between detailed journal notes, commentaries there of and thoughts on steps towards a higher consciousness. The alternating form can sometimes make the biography a little heavy reading, but it is offset by the common thread that runs through the book: An irrepressible yearning and uncompromising drive toward greater insight.
The book has an unusual style that spectacularly supports the psychedelic universe through the way words interlace and merge with changing backgrounds of psychedelic images or symbols.
On the psychonaut’s quest towards greater enlightenment the author describes a frequent and systematic use of psychotropic drugs that will raise the eyebrows of many - even of old sixties hippies. He also describes bad trips and their effects. His adaptation to the bad trips, and the road from there to a more complete human being is...

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