New LilaRose Album - Christianity

Posted on 1 april, 2016 by Jacob Moth

I am proud to announce that LilaRose have released a new album - Christianity. The album consist of one track - 1 hour and 19 minutes long. The music on this album is very smooth, soft, melodic, gentle and nice. Very useful for various purposes: meditation, relaxation, journeys in consciousness, work, study, erotic, and more.
The album “Christianity is inspired of - Christianity” - the religion which has influenced our western culture in many ways.

We borrow the planet from our children

The time of the stupid monkey is over
Let's make one thing clear right away: The path that humanity is on right now, dangerously resembles a suicide. The planet will collapse in this century if we do not switch to a sustainable course NOW. The scientists have been trying to tell us for decades and only now is it beginning to dawn on us. As Terence McKenna laconically said, "The time of the stupid monkey is over, one way or another." Either we go down together or we'll rise to a unifying new level of consciousness.

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